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Bacchus - Marvin Hamlisch Awards

It’s been a while since I scored for visuals. Whilst my music education and experience began in the world of music for screen, I have dedicated the past six years to writing music for the concert hall and orchestrating works for others.

Back in the first lockdown last year I decided to take advantage of having more time at home, so I entered the film scoring category of the Marvin Hamlisch Awards 2020. The brief was pretty free; basically just “work your magic”, so I watched the animation without sound about ten times over and eventually the spirit of the film and its characters emerged to me, guiding my instrumental and stylistic choices for the piece.

I didn’t win the competition, but it was great fun to return to my roots and score for visuals again, and it’s an area that I am now ready and raring to return to.

So here is “Bacchus” rescored by yours truly, and for anyone who needs convincing that I’m a sucker for punishment, I’ve also attached the written score for those who are interested in such things. A manuscript was not mandatory for the submission, but it felt too weird not providing one having spent much of the recent years up to my neck in dots!

Watch in full screen here:

Download PDF • 401KB

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