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This concept work in four parts for piano, strings and electronics is a critical commentary on the state of society and humanity, portrayed through a combination of music with poetry and still images. The title Drowning can be interpreted both literally and metaphorically, an action as a reaction to disillusionment, or the feeling of being overwhelmed with negativity towards society’s current trajectory.

Movement 1: The Decision
Movement 1: The Decision

The predominant theme of isolation is mirrored by the different media being presented independently. The imagery and poetry are not reliant on the music and vice versa, allowing the audience to engage with this optional supporting material on their terms.

Movement 2: The Act

Musically, the concept of isolation is born out through the use of bare octaves and silence in The Decision, and the economy of musical material in The Act and Panic, which is juxtaposed with electronically enhanced soundscapes and washes of reverb.

Movement 3: Panic

The closing chapter, Acceptance, acts a resolution to the turmoil. It begins with a solitary cello and distances itself from the electronics which permeate the previous movements. This newfound peace and clarity is realised through the use of close-mic recording techniques, as opposed to the ambient microphone capture of the preceding sections.

Movement 4: Acceptance

Listen to Drowning here.

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