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Modulus Quartet to premiere new work by Melody Woodham at the Brunel Museum, London - 23 May 2019

Modulus Quartet will be returning to the spectacular Thames Tunnel Shaft at the Brunel Museum to perform works by all living composers: Connor D'Netto, Malcolm Lindsay, Eliot Lloyd Short, Roger May, Maria Moraru and Melody Woodham.

Melody’s latest piece for string quartet was commissioned by and written for Modulus Quartet. Titled “Ondulata” - the Italian word for "Undulating" - the form of the piece mirrors that of a wave, which rolls in gently and grows into a complex entity of syncopated rhythms and intertwining melodies before rolling out again as a familiar but transformed version of itself.

If that all sounds rather unnecessarily complicated, put simply, it is a piece of reflection and transformation, which also happens to have a tonne of charming attitude.

Tickets from:

23 May 2019, 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm Brunel Museum, London, SE16 4LF

Brunel Museum (Underground concert venue)

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